Somewhere in Neverland ♥
"My mind is like a crumpled paper where you can find those spilled inks and scribbled words, written and embedded in my memory - thoughts and emotions, my dreams and fears. I'm sailing in the midst of the vast ocean, seems lost, still searching for myself, planning my future and pursuing my goals and dreams." Joie, by the way. Forever young. Chef in the making. A travel writer of her own story. Photos. Books and Coffee lover. From Philippines ✈ Sydney Au . Born Again Christian. God's daughter and her dad's princess. ♥

Sobrang sakit ng tyan ko. 💔

"Even the strong cry,
When no one’s looking
We try not to be scared
On the outside,
But I know that there’s strength
From the fall,
It’s not weak, to be weak at all.”

"Sa lumang pag-ibig na di nagtagal. Dapat bang sumubok muling magmahal?"

Credits to Inno. :)

"People fall in love in mysterious ways."
"You know that I am dying to see you now."
"Uso ba seenzoned ngayon? O snobzoned?"
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